Meet Their Need & They Will Read

Join Natalie Hale as she leads attendees through an effective plan to teach reading to learners of any age with Down syndrome. (Information given is also relative to other diagnoses involving developmental delays, e.g.: ASD, PDDNOS, and Autism. She covers in detail “Reading M&Ms:” the most effective Methods, Materials, and Motivation.)

February 22, 2014 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

James L. Henry Auditorium at Integris Baptist Medical Center
3300 NW Expressway Oklahoma City, OK

Cost: $15/person

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Topics covered include current best practice, the optimal order of learning, sight word learning vs. Phonemic awareness, teaching nonverbal children, teaching older non-readers, errorless testing techniques, how to engage motivation, the Fast Flash method, comprehension tips, and guidelines for creating personal books and adapting trade books.

Attendees will need to bring their child’s/student’s favorite book from home/school, or preferably buy a new reading book on a topic they know their child/student will like.

Workshop Goals
• To provide a clear, step-by-step plan for teaching reading to individuals with Down syndrome, regardless of age.
• To provide information of such a present, accessible nature that attendees can immediately put into practice what they
have learned in the workshop.
• To give attendees a deeper understanding of how individuals with Down syndrome learn, including knowledge of
learning weakness and strengths and how to work with those issues.
• To communicate the importance of first engaging the learner’s interest and willingness through high-interest material,
often neglected in typical classroom situations.
• To help parents understand effective ways to communicate their child’s reading needs and current levels to educators.
• To help both educators and parents to understand that “it’s never too late to learn to read,” and to give attendees the
tools to make this happen.

About Natalie Hale
Natalie Hale is an award-winning author, an innovative educator, parent of an adult son with Down syndrome (Jonathan, 28), and for over 20 years, a national speaker on the topic of teaching reading to learners with Down syndrome and other developmental delays. In 2000, she founded the publishing company Special Reads for Special Needs to provide parents and educators with reading books and materials specifically designed for learners with Down syndrome.

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