Do you serve Oklahoma Caregivers and their families?

Are you interested in providing a Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Community Respite Program for Caregivers?

Grant funding may be available to help!
Respite can provide a much-needed, temporary break from the often exhausting challenges faced by family caregivers. Community Respite Programs are a great way for Caregivers to receive that break by allowing adult day centers, child care centers, faith-based partners and community providers to temporarily care for the Caregivers’ loved ones. The Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher program may have a funding opportunity for providers to offer additional respite for Caregivers. If you are interested, you may complete the following application to be considered for Community Respite Program funding.

Community Respite Program Eligibility Guidelines

The Program:

  • Is an adult day or child care licensed facility, faith-based partner or community provider; and
  • Must provide background check policy and proof of staff/volunteers assisting with the actual Community Respite Event; and,
  • Must adhere to Oklahoma Safety Laws

The Oklahoma Caregiver:

  • Is a Caregiver of a loved one with special needs or a disability
  • Is a grandparent or other relative raising a child as a full-time parent

How Does the Community Respite Program Work?

  • Interested Programs contact your Community Respite Coordinator to start the application process. You may also visit or email
  • This opportunity is contingent upon grant funding availability.

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” ~ Jim Rohn

The Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher program is funded by the ACL AoA, monitored by DHS Aging Services and operated by OUHSC Sooner SUCCESS

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