Parker’s Story

DSACO has been a part of Parker Timmie’s life since he was four-years-old. In fact, his father Bill had the honor of filing the 501c3 form that launched DSACO as a non-profit agency in 2000. Parker and his family have been involved with DSACO in some capacity ever since.

“There’s no doubt that Parker has grown up with DSACO,” said his mom Eva.

And as Parker has matured and his interests have changed, DSACO has constantly been there to meet his evolving needs.

Eva mentions cooking classes, dances and holiday banquets at Halloween and Valentine’s Day as a few of Parker’s favorite DSACO-related activities.

“Parker loves cooking and the feeling of independence he gets when he’s in the kitchen,” Eva said. “Plus there’s a social aspect of it as well which he enjoys.”

Earlier in his life, Eva leaned on the DSACO community in other ways.

“All of DSACO’s programs are vital,” Eva said. “Whether it’s a new parents breakfast or Mommy Mingle each program and activity helps parents cope and grow during all of the phases of raising a child with Down syndrome.”

More alike than different

Soon Parker will graduate from high school and Eva looks forward to what lies ahead for her son. She has concerns about the employment opportunities available to Parker as he moves into his twenties. With that in mind, Parker will soon start job training courses.

“Children with Down syndrome can grow up and become productive citizens if they are nurtured and supported,” Eva said. “I’m excited to see Parker get a job, make new friendships, keep old ones and, be fully engaged in the community.”




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