(Head Tutor) Karin Wallis

Karin Wallis is a Certified Special Education teacher, Elementary Education teacher, Physical Education teacher and was the IEP Designee for K-5th grade elementary school in the 90s. She has taught in a classroom setting as well as offered private tutoring lessons to students since 1989. She sat on the Crossings Christian School Board in the early 2000s and assisted in hand-selecting their school curriculumn. She is currently a faculty member at UCO and has been on staff at DSACO for two years.

Her tutoring sessions on are on Wednesdays.

(Bilingual Tutor) Christen Marks

Christen Marks will graduate in the spring of 2019 with her master’s degree in Special Education. Christen is fluent in Spanish as her undergraduate degree was in Spanish. Her educational background has allowed DSACO to open up the tutoring lab to our Spanish speaking families. She has been on staff with DSACO for eight months.

Her tutoring sessions are on Fridays.

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