Who are we?

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in January 2000, by parents of children with Down syndrome. The purpose of the organization is aligned with its mission which is “raise awareness and provide resources, as well as promote acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome.”

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News and Events

DSACO 2019 NDSC Convention Assistance Application

DSACO is offering monetary reimbursement for expenses involved in attending the 2019 National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Pittsburg, PA June 27-30 2019. Reimbursement will be given in amounts up to $1,500. If paying up front will be too burdensome, applicants...

Secondary Transition Workshop Recap

We had an incredible turn out and great discussion this past weekend at our Secondary Transition Workshop presented by Melanie Berry from Oklahoma Parents Center. She provided secondary transition training targeted to our families who have a loved one with...

Tax Information and Future Donations

Click HERE to download the tax information letter   Tax Information and Future Donations January 14, 2019 Thank you for your continued support of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. Our mission is to raise awareness and provide resources, as well...

Stories to “Knock Your Socks Off”

3.3 A Wonderful Life

My name is Breanna Robison. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for DSACO. That is only one of the many ways I advocate for myself and others like me who happen to have Down syndrome. I have had the privilege of speaking at the luncheon for World Down Syndrome...

3.2 Sister Perspective

My little brother, Tremayne, is seven years old and was born with Down Syndrome. Tremayne is a big ball of joy and my biggest cheerleader. Tremayne is one of my role models and has taught me many valuable life lessons. He's taught me to dance my heart out! He has also...

3.1 A Heart Thing

When we were told that because Faith likely had Down syndrome, she would be at greater risk for heart issues. They did a fetal echocardiogram at one of our appointments and saw nothing wrong with her heart. That was also the appointment when they discovered she may...

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