Who are we?

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in January 2000, by parents of children with Down syndrome. The purpose of the organization is aligned with its mission which is “raise awareness and provide resources, as well as promote acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome.”

News and Events

Extra Help: Save Money on Medicare

Extra Help is a Social Security program that helps people on Medicare save an average of $4,000. per year on their Part D Medicare expenses and prescription medications.  Extra Help is for people on Social Security Disability who have Medicare, as well as those 65 and...

Article: People with Down syndrome never stop learning

View full article HERE New study details development of functional skills based on age “Contrary to some public beliefs, people with Down syndrome never stop learning, and functional skills can still be attained and improved well into adulthood.”—Brian Skotko "Once a...

Open House

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma has moved to 521 W. Wilshire Boulevard and we are thrilled to have finally settled into our new space! Please join us for our open house on December 13th from 4-7 p.m. We would love to have all of our partnering...

Stories to “Knock Your Socks Off”

3.3 A Wonderful Life

My name is Breanna Robison. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for DSACO. That is only one of the many ways I advocate for myself and others like me who happen to have Down syndrome. I have had the privilege of speaking at the luncheon for World Down Syndrome...

3.2 Sister Perspective

My little brother, Tremayne, is seven years old and was born with Down Syndrome. Tremayne is a big ball of joy and my biggest cheerleader. Tremayne is one of my role models and has taught me many valuable life lessons. He's taught me to dance my heart out! He has also...

3.1 A Heart Thing

When we were told that because Faith likely had Down syndrome, she would be at greater risk for heart issues. They did a fetal echocardiogram at one of our appointments and saw nothing wrong with her heart. That was also the appointment when they discovered she may...

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