The following list includes books in DSACO’s Lending Library. To check a book’s availability please email eventcoordinator@dsaco.org.

A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up
A Nurse’s Guide to Puberty Education for Special Needs
Baby Babble – Speech-Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers
Baby Babble 2 – P B M
Baby Einstein: My First Signs
Dakota’s Pride
Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months
I Know How to Act: No. 9555
Kids with Down Syndrome: Staying Healthy and Making Friends
Monica & David
Mozart Musical Masterpieces CD
Mr. Blue Sky
Pull-Ups® Big Kid® Central: Potty Training Success DVD
Signing Time! Vol. 1: My First Signs
Super Duper® Webber® HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program HOME CD
Surviving Due Process: When Parents and the School Board Disagree, Stephen Jeffers v. School Board
Up Syndrome
You Are Not Alone featuring Quinn Bradlee

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