Six Steps To A Successful Written Campaign

One of the most effective (and easiest) ways to raise money for the awareness walk is to launch a letter writing/e-mail campaign. Simply draft a “dear friends and family” letter explaining why you, your company, and/or family are participating in the walk, you can reach your largest audience – without even leaving the comfort of your home! And it can be your ticket to fundraising success!

Step 1: Develop Your Mailing List from people you currently know. Address book, holiday card list, team/league rosters, church/club directories, vendors, e-mail list, businesses you frequent, business colleagues, co-workers, families of your child’s schoolmates and folks from your past: classmates, roommates, teachers, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, fraternal/alumni groups.

Step 2: Write Your Letter. Include your fundraising goal. Enclose a self-addressed envelope with each letter if possible. Include a deadline for donations. Speak from the heart and tell people why it is important to you that research and community support continue for children and adults with Down syndrome. State that their donation is tax deductible and that checks should be made payable to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma or DSACO. Print a photo of your child or family on the letter. If your child is very young describe what your experience was like when you were told your baby has Down syndrome. Discuss your child’s daily routine. Explain your concerns about potential problems your child may experience. If your child is older discuss what he/she likes to do or their accomplishments that year. Some family teams have two or three different letters drafted to appeal to different “audiences”. Remember the most effective letter will come directly from your heart. Be sure to emphasize how the organization has impacted your life.

Step 3: Mail or e-mail your letter. Ideally, your letters should go out about six weeks before the Awareness Walk – although successful results have been achieved “in a pinch.”

Step 4: Collect Donations. Keep track of all donations by using the online website:

Step 5: Turn In Your Money OR Mail to DSACO by the team incentive deadlines. Send donations by mail to DSACO Awareness Walk Teams, 600 NW 23rd Street, Suite 206, Oklahoma City, OK 73103.

Step 6: Write Your Thank You Notes. Be sure to send out thank you notes to all of your supporters announcing your success. Acknowledging your contributors’ generosity will ensure their future support! Some teams include a picture(s) from the Awareness Walk in the thank you note.

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