The Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma


Coach Jerry gives children with Down Syndrome a basketball camp of their own

DSACO Basketball Down Syndrome

by Jenni Carlson Published by July 25, 2014

Jerrame Dockery blew his whistle signaling the end of the dribbling drill, and the basketballs stopped thumping against the hardwood.

Except for the one in the hands of the girl with the blue shorts.

“Stop,” Dockery said.

He blew his whistle again.

“Stop,” he said again.

When she finally did, there was no dirty look, no reprimand. In fact, the man known as Coach Jerry smiled. Good vibes abounded during the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma’s inaugural basketball camp. It is only for kids born with the genetic condition. It is a chance for them to run and play and learn and be like other kids.

And it is every bit as special as you might imagine.

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