The Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma


Meet the Dickensons

The newest Dickinson's were chosen through the gift of international adoption. Macey (8), Marcus (7), and Mia (6) were rescued from two different Ukrainian orphanages in the past four years. They were given up because of their extra chromosome and adopted for the very same reason. The 'littles' are loved and adored by their big sister Taylor and their big brother Tanner.

"The Lord called us to make a difference in their lives while he made a difference in ours.

Macey is bright and a girly-girl. She enjoys going to school, watching Disney princess movies, and cheering for her OKC Baron's Buddy, Alex Plante #4.

Marcus enjoys Signing Time videos and water. Yes, water. He loves swimming, taking a shower, or playing in a puddle.

Mia is fun and spunky. She can quote Monsters Inc., her favorite movie, line by line. She is animated and loves attention.

We are blessed the Lord would choose our family to love and care for the least of these. (Matthew 18:5 'Anyone who welcomes a child like this in my name welcomes me.')"

– Meghan Dickinson (Mother)